What to do in Perth? Part II / My Aussie Vacation

I have been back in Estonia for over a month now already and the weather here is amazing at the moment! I want to share all the places I visited when I was in Perth, so this is the part II. I stayed in Perth most of my vacation because almost all of my friends live there. In the first Perth blog post, I visited the Fremantle Markets, Northbridge’s suburb, Cottesloe and Rockingham beaches, and we also celebrated the spectacular Australian Day! In this post, I will mention the following places that I definitely recommend going when in Perth.

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens.

This is probably the most beautiful park in Perth. And also one of the largest inner city parks in the world! Ideal place for a picnic. Great views both day and night.

State War Memorial


Swan Valley.

If you don’t have time to go to the Margaret River wine region, then Swan Valley is actually pretty similar. And the good thing is that Swan Valley is located next to Perth! You don’ have to go far to discover this beautiful wine region. We spent a perfect day with the girls, driving around from one winery to another, and trying out different wines and food. The Swan Valley Wine and Food Map was really helpful for finding everything for our tastes and preferences. You should get it from every winery or cafe in the area. All of the locations are in a relatively small area, so you don’t have to drive too much.

These small grapes are actually for winemaking only. But they still tasted good.
The map was really helpful.
Free wine tasting everywhere!
The Margaret River Chocolate Factory right here, in Swan Valley!

The House of Honey- you can try out different honey products and buy them from the honey shop.

Rottnest Island.

I visited this island a few years ago and it was one of the coolest experiences in my whole Australian trip! Not just because the island itself is very beautiful with its scenic beaches, but that it’s a home for many small little furballs aka Quokkas! They are very friendly and you can even feed them. Unfortunately, during this holiday we didn’t find the perfect time to go to the Rottnest Island, but I will post a few pictures from my previous visit. Back then we made a one-day trip to the island. The return ferry ticket from Perth’s port was somewhere around AUD 70 (the price may be changed now).

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