Roadtrip to Byron Bay | Australia

Now we have seen enough of Brisbane, it’s time to go on a mini road trip to Byron Bay, which is only about 2 hours drive from Brisbane city. Our plan is to fit as much sightseeing as possible in this short period of time.

First of all, we rented a car. Then we planned out, with the help of our friend, what places to visit and in what order. We packed our tents, sleeping equipment, food and drinks and we were good to go!

On our way to the Springbrook National Park, we were driving past these strange yet cool-looking dead trees.

First destination was Springbrook National Park. It’s a beautiful mountainous national park full of lookouts, waterfalls, valleys, hiking trails etc.

I’m pretty sure it is Gold Coast in the background!
Purling Brook Waterfall

Such a beautiful nature!
Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge

Second stop was Nimbin – a small town in New South Wales, full of weed (hemp)-loving friendly hippies. A very interesting place to visit, totally recommend!

The town was full (it was more like a village though) of health food shops, superfood cafes and other cool places, where you could find crystals, handicrafts, spiritual books, healing powders and elixirs, herbs and of course a lot of hemp stuff

At night, we finally arrived in Byron Bay. Luckily, we found a caravan park, that was open so late and had a place for us to set up our tent. All the other parks were either closed or full. Byron Bay was jam-packed with surfers, tourists, teenagers and other human-animals! It was so full, that it was even hard to find a parking space in front of a big supermarket.

The next morning we were exploring Byron a bit, did some shopping and we also visited the famous Cape Byron Lighthouse, which was on top of a hill. Of course, it was impossible to find a place to park our car there as well, but we were lucky to get one after half an hour of driving up and down. Otherwise, the walk up there would have been a good long workout, but we didn’t have much time to do it. We took a couple of pictures before it started to rain. And that is pretty much the only picture from Byron Bay. It was a bit similar to Nimbin though.

Beautiful views on the way up to the Cape Byron lighthouse.

Our last stop was Gold Coast. City, that is so popular among backpackers. Everyone wants to go there. It’s a party place, full of clubs, bars, beautiful cars, beautiful people etc. The funny part was that when we visited it, Gold Coast was pretty empty. At the time, one of the biggest sports events in Australia was held in Gold Coast and tourists and others were afraid to come here! They were afraid of massive crowds, higher prices and traffic jams. Well, it seemed like we were the only tourists in the city, which was good. Even the radio was joking about the “ghost city” that Gold Coast was at the moment.

Q1 tower. With 25$ you will see these incredible views over Gold Coast. A must do!

Surfers Paradise

And we arrived happily back in Brisbane, just to sleep one last night here and fly to Bali the next morning ❤ Next blog post is all about Bali!

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