Montenegro: Perast and Kotor ♡


In Dubrovnik, we picked up our rental car, that we pre-booked on the Internet. It was really cheap, only 30€ for 3 days. Just in case, we took an insurance, which cost us 15€ per day. We had our own GPS-device, so we didn’t have to rent it.

One road trip we took, was from Dubrovnik to Kotor town in neighbour country Montenegro and it was only a few-hour drive there!

Crossing the border was relatively fast, showing only passports and some necessary papers for the rental car to cross the border (a green card that cost us 8€ per day). Since Montenegro does not belong to the European Union, we also got the stamps in the passport! It’s funny though because Montenegro is using euro as their currency!

After the border, we drove along beautiful mountains that were thickly filled with cypresses and vineyards until we reached the first small town. Montenegro is much more “out of date” compared to Croatia or the rest of Europe. The nature is very beautiful there, and the old cities are splendid! The first longer stop was in a small town of Perast, located on the famous Kotor Bay.

Our cute ride!


Perast- wandered around for an hour or two, which was perfectly enough for us.


Gorgeous Kotor Bay behind me.


After Perast we arrived at our final destination- Kotor. The city is surrounded by a wall that is built during the Venetian Republic reign and overall it is full of Venetian architecture.



One of the biggest attractions in Kotor, of course, is the UNESCO World Heritage St. John’s fortress, located on the hill and connected to the Old Town. You can enter it by a narrow and slightly decayed stone staircase. The ticket to get up there costs 3€, and this money and “pain” was worth it, although the journey was relatively difficult and long! Already halfway through the road, you will have breathtakingly beautiful views over the Gulf of Kotor.


A rest break.


Almost at the top!


Viewed from below.


The next and also the last day we spent sunbathing on the beach! When we first flew from Helsinki to Dubrovnik, then now we fly out from Split, so luckily we don’t have to take the long 5-hour bus drive back to Dubrovnik anymore!



Until next time ♡

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