Margaret River Wine Region | Australia

Margaret River Wine Region is gaining popularity among Australians as well as tourists. Margaret River wine region is made up predominately of boutique size wine producers. In addition, you will find many beautiful beaches, small cool towns, sightseeing and other activities in this Wine Region.

I’m posting some of the places I’ve visited with many pictures! My trip starts from Margaret River and ends in Dunsborough.

  1. Margaret River town– Perfect place for walking around, shopping and having your morning coffee. At night town comes alive with a totally different scene of fantastic foodie restaurants, wine bars and pubs with live music. 
  2. Margaret River Golf Club– If you want to see the kangaroos, then this is the place to go. There are so so many of them!!
  3. Surfers Point– a Breezy point with a boardwalk where it’s popular to watch surfers & see the sunset.
  4. Due to a public holiday, we were unable to visit any wineries at Margaret River (I’ve done it in Swan Valley though), but definitely, go and visit them, as they do free wine tastings! Sometimes they give you some gourmet food with the wine, too. 
  5. Margaret River Chocolate Factory– They do a free chocolate tasting as well and you can buy their products from the shop there. In Margaret River Region, there is also Cheese (Dairy) Factory and different Breweries. Find what interest you the most!
  6. Gracetown– a small surfing town in the heart of Margaret River Region. We visited the North Point (just behind that hill on the picture below). There are several memorials here as in 1996 WA’s worst recorded natural disaster happened just in that place here. Five adults and four children were killed in a cliff collapse while watching a surfing carnival on the local beach close to town. The victims were sheltering underneath a rock overhang at the base of the limestone cliff during a rainstorm when the cliff collapsed without warning (Wikipedia).
  7. The Canal Rocks are an ancient and unusual rock formation. 

  8. Yallingup / Yallingup Beach
  9. Meelup Beach – Very beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise water. Near to Dunsborough.
  10. Sugarloaf Rock 
  11. Dunsborough town– Similar to Margaret River town, but smaller. Here you will find also many small shops and good places to eat. Dunsborough has such a good and relaxed atmosphere.

If you are planning to visit Perth, then definitely take the time to visit Margaret River Wine Region as well!



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