A weekend in Brisbane | Australia

I was dreaming of visiting Queensland already last time I was living in Australia, but unfortunately, no road led to Queensland in that time. Now we were back in Australia and I said to my boyfriend that this time WE MUST TRAVEL to the other side of Australia. And we did! Before we headed back to Bali and then to our homeland Estonia, we decided to do a 5-day stopover in Queensland. It’s definitely not enough time to explore this beautiful state, but better less than nothing. Luckily our friend is living in Brisbane, so we could stay over at his place for a couple of days.

Brisbane is the capital of the Australian State of Queensland. The population is over 2 million people. The flight ticket from Perth to Brisbane cost around 300 AUD (~190€) per person. It took 4,5 hours to get there. Our flight was very smooth and pleasant with a clear sky and incredible views.

Not long ago we were in a very dry, hot (typical WA summer) and relatively calm Perth, and now we are surrounded by a lush nature in the populous city of Brisbane. The city is definitely suitable for those who love all of this buzzing, crowdedness and busy city life.

What did we do in Brisbane? Our “guide 😃” Kermo showed us the city:

1. Eat Street Northshore.

After many hours of travelling we were so hungry, so Kermo took us to the Eat Street. It looked like a big festival! It was full of all sorts of colourful lights, food kiosks, market stalls, few stages that played some music, different performances etc. The atmosphere was really cool. The entry cost 2,50 AUD.


2. Kangaroo Point.

Of course, we went to see the city panorama from a distance, and Kangaroo Point is absolutely perfect for that. Beautiful views.


3. Mount Coot-tha.

We visited this lookout on top of the Mount Coot-tha. Good views over Brisbane, but unfortunately it was a bit too dark to take pictures with my phone.

4. Brisbane River.

The next day we decided to go exploring Brisbane city centre. Because the Brisbane River runs through the middle of the city, it’s possible to take a boat to travel between different suburbs. The ticket was really cheap, about 4,70 AUD/3€ considering that it took a decent time to travel from our suburb to our final destination, which was almost on the other side of Brisbane. Such a cool experience!


After we hopped off the boat, we immediately rented bikes to go sightseeing and, at the same time, slowly travel back home with our bikes. Brisbane is full of self-service bike hires, that lets you rent a bike from one place, and put it back in another place with only around 2 AUD for 24 hours. There are some tiny additional cost if you are using the bike for too long at once. It means that every now and then you may want to put the bike back in any of their rental locations in the city and “rent it” again.


5. Southbank.

It’s probably the most popular area in Brisbane with its different theme parks, a man-made beach, restaurants among many others. You have beautiful views over the river. There are always some events going on in the area and overall Southbank is a hectic place. Definitely a must see, when in Brisbane!


6. Brisbane nightlife.

7. Sunshine Coast.

On the third day, we went up the coast to see the famous Sunshine Coast and its surrounding areas.

8. Glass House Mountains.

On our way back to Brisbane we saw these strange looking mountains and we had to climb up one of them (the smallest one, though it was pretty difficult!) 

In the next blog post, we are going on a short road trip to Byron Bay! xo

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