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It’s finally time to say goodbye to Australia and fly over to Indonesia. Probably the most popular destination among Australians and also among Estonians, who are living or travelling in Australia or are about to return to their homeland. The reason is cheaper tickets and good location. We flew for 6 hours from Brisbane to the capital of Bali- Denpasar.

Our plan was to drive straight from Ngurah Rai International airport to Sanur beach and take the first boat to Nusa Penida Island. Unfortunately, we arrived in Sanur too late, all the boat services were closed. We then quickly found a cheap home-stay in Sanur and we paid only 150 000 rupiahs (9€) per night for 3 people. Room was nice and tidy but had no air-con. Still not bad for this price.

The next morning our home-stay owner organized us tickets to Nusa Penida. We paid 150 000 Rupiahs each (9€/each) for a ticket to Nusa Penida if I remember correctly.  It can be expensive to buy tickets straight from the beach or local ticket kiosks if you don’t know what is the fair price. Ask from different sellers, before you make your purchase and always remember to bargain!!

The first two days were quite exhausting because of the travelling and carrying around our big suitcases (we were moving back to Estonia, so we didn’t have any other option). If you have multiple heavy and big suitcases, like we had, I recommend skipping Nusa Penida.


It’s a tiny island near to Bali that is gaining popularity among tourists fast. On this small island, there are a lot of amazing places to see, that you are actually able to visit all in one or two days. The most convenient option, in my opinion, is to rent a car with a driver. We saw a number of tourists struggling to ride a scooter because the roads are in poor condition. We even saw a woman having an accident (she and her scooter were fine though).

Kelingking Beach
Kelingking Beach
Broken Beach
Broken Beach

Because we were late to Sanur beach, we only stayed one night in Nusa Penida instead of two. But one was fine as well. We saw everything we wanted to see! Two nights would have been perfect though!

Once again the owner of our hotel organized us tickets from Nusa Penida to Gili. We paid 400 000 Rupiahs per face (25€/face) for the transfer from our hotel to Nusa Penida harbor and from there to Gili Island. It was a long and tiring trip, especially with the heavy suitcases like we had.


The Gili islands are an archipelago of three small islands. We chose the biggest and the most popular “party” island named Gili Trawangan. By the biggest, I mean that you could still walk around the whole island in few hours only. The beachfront was full of different restaurants, souvenir shops, currency exchanges, clubs, and bars. Most of the beaches were beautiful with crystal clear water and white sand. You can move around only by feet, bike or a horse. I didn’t use the last transportation option, because, in my opinion, the horses looked tired and weak.

Our Gili home!

 Our “private” shower!

I recommend booking accommodation with a pool because the weather is very hot and humid in Indonesia!

With 70 000 rupiahs (4,5€/face) we went on a 4-hour-snorkeling tour! We swam with big sea turtles, snorkeled and for a short period of time, we visited the other smaller island named Gili Meno. It’s more relaxed and quieter compared to Trawangan.

We also celebrated my birthday on Gili island! Keit and Kadi surprised me with a fruit platter, vegan desserts, and raw treats!

Raw chocolate bliss balls and raw vegan snickers!

Altogether, we spent 4 days and nights on the island. Tickets back to Bali (to go to Ubud) we bought from one of the ticket sales places on the main street. There are many of them, but prices were mostly the same, fixed and non-negotiable. Price per one person was around 250 000 rupiahs (15-16€) and it included the boat ticket from Gili to Bali and a bus transfer from the harbor of Bali to Ubud city centrum.

After we arrived in Bali, the “fun part” started with our bus tickets, for which we had already paid for (it was included in the ticket). There were so many people, bus drivers, and taxi drivers but no one couldn’t help us or didn’t know where we have to go. The taxi drivers started offering their car service to Ubud for 400 000 rupiahs. They kept saying how long and tiring the bus journey will be for us. But we were too stubborn and demanded our bus service until we found it. Our bus was all new, awesome and air-conditioned and the trip lasted probably as long as it would have been by car!


It was so nice to visit Ubud again and I can safely say that it has improved so much after my last visit 2 years ago. Roads are cleaner and overall the city is in a better condition. Some of the streets are even car-free now, which was the best surprise.

Streets of Bali.

We spent only two days in Ubud and in that time we visited the market, Monkey Forest, ate at our favorite restaurants and cafes and just enjoyed our last days in Bali.

Bali is full of health food stores and vegan cafes. My paradise!
Eating breakfast at Alchemy vegan cafe! Green juice and raw cookies.
The Seeds Of Life- my favourite vegan cafe in Ubud.
You can enjoy amazing Balinese massage for 5€ only! This picture was taken from Lily Spa in Ubud.
Monkey Forest

I highly recommend doing all of your souvenir and clothes shopping in Ubud/Bali island. Gili prices are much higher!

Until next time! 🙂


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