2018: My New Year’s Resolutions and Goals.

Happy New Year! Firstly, a quick throwback to 2017: Me and Keit moved in Finland together for the first time into our very first (rental) apartment, I graduated Helsinki Business College and started a part-time work as an administrative assistant. We travelled to England, Italy, Monaco, France and had a quick visit to Amsterdam city as well! I also travelled to Croatia with my mother and this was our very first trip together. I have been working out regularly almost the entire year and even lost some weight and finally, I started my new blog!

But now it’s 2018 and my New Year’s resolutions and goals are:

  • Do things that scare me and step out of my comfort zone. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right.
  • Keep working out regularly. My goal is to do a higher intensity session (HIIT, gym, jogging etc) 2-3x per week and low intensity (walking, hiking, swimming) few times per week.
  • Eat healthy and organic whenever possible. I’m a health food freak. All my friends know that. But everyone thinks I’m counting calories to lose weight, but actually, I eat like this to heal my body, balance hormones and therefore improve my (acne-prone) skin and overall health. Weight loss is a bonus haha! Although with this amount of raw dark chocolate I eat, it’s hard to get really fit! Also, my ultimate goal in life is to always feel healthy, energised, happy and grow old without diseases. I don’t like people thinking and saying that this is our reality. Growing old doesn’t have to mean developing disability and disease.Your body is your temple.Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.
  • Keep blogging! And constantly upload new blog posts about travelling, lifestyle, healthy living, favourite recipes and eco-green beauty. WordPress is totally new to me and I’m still working on building my blog and improving it, but I’m learning. Who knows, what I’m going to do later in my life, but it’s always a good idea to start a blog. Maybe I’ll use it for my future career, business, or something else. Keep your door open! If you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

  • Improve my English language skill. Therefore I write my blog posts in English. In addition, I want to feel comfortable and speak fluently when having real-life conversations.
  • Learn MORE about Eco Green Beauty.  Definitely one of my biggest passions. I’m literally dreaming of having a vintage wooden shelf (in my future home) full of all natural organic cremes, essential oils, vitamin-rich serums, nourishing face masks, body scrubs, moisturizing oils and more, so I could use them on my self-care Sundays (or every day) while drinking my freshly pressed organic green juice. Ahhhh..GOALS!
  • Travel more. I love travelling and I love adventures. Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times.
  • Try out new things like acupuncture and professional micro-needling. Because I like needles…joke! Because I have always wanted to try them out, but for some reason, I just haven’t yet. Acupuncture is good for balancing hormones, relieving stress etc and I really want to know how it feels! Micro-needling should improve skin tone, texture and mild scars. Has anyone tried it before? What do you think? Let me know!
  • Practise visualisation at least 5x per week. Just 2-5 minutes per day is enough. Thoughts have so much power! Visualize the feelings, the end-results of your dreams, NOT HOW they will come true. You simply can not know how something is going to happen! But just thinking is not enough, you have to take action as well. Show up, take baby steps. Move in the direction of your dream, as best as you can. If you want to know more, then I recommend reading “Playing The Matrix” by Mike Dooley. My favourite book at the moment!

Make 2018 better, starting now! Speaking of resolutions (travel more), we’ve got one more week until we go to Doha, Qatar ♡


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